Daniel Flusser

Daniel Flusser is a 27 year old photographer that graduated MJM School in Strasbourg, majoring in cinema and photography. Afterwards he moved to Barcelona, the charming capital of Catalunya in Spain, where he developed his own handwriting in black & white shades. His focus runs between architecture, portraits, skateboarding & basically everything that surrounds him. He has developed those interests and exposed his work internationally in Barcelona itself, Strasbourg, Prague & São Paulo. Daniel has established his own easily recognizable aesthetics and shows through his work the depths of a city, a plain building, a face, using the lines, shapes, lights and shadows that surround him. Currently Daniel lives in Prague devoting himself entirely to photography and his new personal project, opening a gallery in the old charming neighborhood of Žižkov that attracts and supports talents from all over the world..

Julien Deniau

French photographer, painter and skateboarder, living in Barcelona since 2000.
Julien Deniau has been working as a freelance photographer for skateboard magazines in France and internationaly for more than 20 years, which has given him the opportunity, to travel in numerous countries, to document these journeys.
He is also occasionally working as a cameraman for French television, supporting historic and cultural documentaries.
In 2005, he became interested in painting and in drawing, which allowed him to express himself in a different way, other than through photography and video. Here he shows what cannot be represented by camera, can often be shown through imagination.
Like many skaters, he has many used boards in his house and takes advantage of it to give a second life to these boards. He likes working with wood and tries to give them some unsusual shapes. Julien found much of his inspiration, through his interest for folk art, which he discovered in journeys to Bolivia, Mexico, Africa and to the United States.
He is using different materials like acrylic or oil painting and Posca, trying to make his sculptures with a perfect symmetry and perfect lines.
Julien’s work is always evolving. Every day he learns new techniques and new perspectives towads the work. Recently, he has made designs for skateboard brands and various advertising companies..

Klez Brandar

Born in the same city as the creator of the traveler, Phileas Fogg, Klez Brandar has not been around the world in 80 days like Passepartout and his boss. However, he is also a traveler and after spending the first twenty years of his life in France, he then lived in South America, New Zealand, Italy and Spain and has most recently, and perhaps finally, decided to reside here in the Czech Republic. As a teenager, he spent his free time with his skateboard in one hand and his analog camera in the other. He focused mostly on street photography using black and white film. When digital cameras took off in the 2000s, he stopped practising this skillful analog art and sulked his way through the next decade or so, bemoaning technology’s new intruder in the world of photography. But after many years, without framing, composing and working with the light, he decided to start again with a digital camera. After returning to the street, he created Stalabarn Fanzin in 2013 and found that that was a perfect way to get back into creative photography. In 2014 he exhibited his pictures at Modo Art Gallery in Buenos Aires. Klez Brandar recorded a studio album in 2014 called Solitania. This concept album is a mix of folk and world music, sung in English, Spanish, French, Greek, Breton and Portuguese. A year later, in 2015, he held two exhibitions in Rennes (France) where he was living at the time. Since moving to Prague, he has exhibited his work on many different occasions (Brix, Kavárna Park, žižkovšiška,..). His work includes street photography, nudes, portraits and some abstract works. In the future he wishes to go back to the past so he recently acquired an old film camera from the 70s. Less is best !

David Suchar

David Suchar is a freelance documentary photographer & director. David will present three parts – instax photos, recordings of interviews and videos from the Great Apple tours. These three components complement each other to provide as part of mapping the highly specific New York Skate community, but also of the places where these meetings took place. Photo-portraits of skaters are complemented by their own handwritten signatures and interviews recorded directly at the scene. Photos of people and places are then linked to the video thread that originated during the author’s journey through the metropolis and capture the New York Metro and Street.

Juan Pablo Labbé

Juan Pablo Labbé, 30 years old,
actually resides in Prague, but was born the other end of the world in a small town called Osorno, between lakes and forests, in the south of Chile, South America. He is a skateboarder, an artist and also a prominent architect.
As an adolescent he started to express himself through graffiti which eventually made its way onto canvas and many other platforms. He appeared in different Chilean skate video productions and he collaborated with underground Chilean brands such as Encoma and ARCA. Also during this time his artwork was featured on the cover of the successful debut album of the Chilean band called ASTRO.
In 2008 he moved to Santiago de Chile and was accepted with open arms into the Street Art scene from the hand of Graffito Mag crew.
As a result of this combination he has evolved as an artist and skateboarder with an amazing new outlook on his self expression, not only with his art but with his skateboarding and way of viewing the world. All this has led to him being the incredibly diverse and interesting person that he is today.

Soy Panday

Sourya “Soy” Panday is a 40 year old French Indian artist & professional skateboarder. He is co-founder and art director of French skate brand Magenta Skateboards.
His personal work aims at representing the divine dimension of life and the symbolism of its language. Soy’s work can be read as a comic strip book, with each artwork being a frame in the spiritual journey of a human soul navigating towards higher consciousness, successively embodied by different totem animals.

Anna Jedličková

Young beginning artist Anna presents her original paintings on skateboards.. She is from Prague where she graduated from the Technical Tertiary Graphic School. Anna makes drawings, graphics and paintings in many formats. She is interested in linking art and skateboarding together, creating interesting installations and drawings in public spaces, mostly at skate spots and skateparks. Skateboarding is an inspiration for her. She is inspired mainly by the atmosphere of this community, the discovery of new faces and their emotions, which she tries to express through her art. She likes to give old things a second life, so she has decided to renovate old skateboards that no one uses. The skateboard decks can be used for recreational riding or as a novel design piece for your home.

Mladá začínající umělkyně Anna nám představí originální skateboardingové desky se svými kresbami.
Pochazí z Prahy, kde vystudovala Vyšší odbornou školu grafickou. Anna vytváří kresby a grafiky v mnoha provedeních. Zajímá se o propojení umění a skateboardingu, vytváří zajímavé instalace a kresby ve veřejných prostorech, převážně na skateboardingových spotech a ve skateparcích. Skateboarding je pro ní součást umění, inspiruje ji především atmosféra této komunity lidí, poznávání nových tváří a jejich emoce, což se snaží vyjádřit prostřednictvím své tvorby.
Baví ji dávat starým věcem nový život, proto se rozhodla renovovat staré skejtové desky, které nikdo nevyužívá. Desky se dají využít pro rekreační ježdění nebo také jako neotřelý designový kousek do bytu.


Julian Furones was born in Leon,Spain. Julian left his parental home at a young age to move alone to Barcelona. After working in different little jobs he became a professional skateboarder and traveled around the world for a decade. Julian has been taking photos since he was a kid, always moving from one place to an other to keep some memories.

Three years ago, Julian finally turned his back to his skateboarding career and moved to Hamburg carrying his camera where ever he goes. His pictures are a floating impressions of subjects and documenting the everyday life and in the same time his private life. Most of this series of photos have been taken in the last seven years and have been processed by himself.

…welcome to the unexpected !


My name is Chloe Byrnes, I was painting for like all my life but I quit art school after one month or so because I hated drawing boring stuff and human bodies. I was always happy to do any kind of art stuff for school and work. For some years i was mostly focused on designing clothes or writing.
Painting was always not more than a hobby. but a loved one..

I paint mixing acrylic, gouache paints & duck tape sometimes. I never use brushes. I use different stuff I find at home, mostly in kitchen like sushi sticks, plastic forks, water bottles. Anything that is going to be thrown away but isn’t sticky. Only black and white colors ? No reason, I just like them and feel it’s enough..