Blkout / After-Party#03 – Live Music

BLKOUT – After-Party#03

…300 meters from the gallery, secret place, we will give you the exact adress and a #free entrance at the end of the vernissage. For those who will come later, the adress will be posted on the day of the ULICE / Skateboarding Exhibition / Vernisáž !

DJ S-BISH / House & Electro
& K-TA Sound System

Ticket (available at Life Is Ours – Gallery) : 50Czk

Illustration :


ULICE / Skateboarding Exhibition / Vernisáž

ULICE is the first exhibition festival about skateboarding in Prague organised by Life Is Ours – Gallery on the 9th of June 2018. We invited 7 artists, all passionate about skateboarding to present their own artworks in the gallery.

The vernissage will start at 6pm and finish around 10pm. Free pizza & Sangria for everyone.

Live concert : Janny Richter and the Hog Ranch
HOG RANCH is a Blues / Garage / Gospel one-man-band from Holcomb. He’s the Hog’s son of a Hog’s son, and perform fiery country-punk gospel interpretations of pre-war delta blues.

After-Party : Informations coming soon !

About the different artists :

Sourya Panday (Drawing) from Paris, France.

IG :

Julien Deniau (Painting) from Barcelona, Spain.

IG :

David Suchar (Photograhy & video) from Prešov, Slovakia.

IG :

Daniel Flusser (Photography) from Strasbourg, France.

IG :

Juan Pablo Labbé (Drawing) from Osorno ,Chile.

IG :

Anna Jedličková (Painting) from Prague, Czech Republic.

IG :

Klez Brandar (Photography) from Brittany, France.

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From today we will share every week a little biography about each of the artists with some pictures of their artworks.

For more informations, you can follow the gallery’s life on #instagram :


Street Contest / Skateboarding (Ollie & BestTrick) / Vítkov

Hello everyone,

We are organizing a skate contest in Vítkov on June 9th, 2018 at 5.30pm. In the first part you can participate in an Ollie contest and then a best tricks (with a kicker) over a bike.
More than 3000 CZK to win !
The event is sponsored by Tulipskate , Loukoum Skateboards & Life Is Ours – Gallery.
Once the contest is over, we invite you to discover the ULICE exhibition! Seven different artists will present their work, all related to skateboarding. See you there !

Vítkov :Skateboard Contest at Vítkov from 17h30 until 19H00.

Exhibition ULICE / Skateboarding Exhibition / Vernisáž at Life Is Ours – Gallery from 19h00 until 22H30.

BLKOUT / After-Party#03 (Secret Place) from 22h00 until 08h00.

Looking forward to see you !

Ahoj všichni, v sobotu 9. června 2018 pořádáme na Vítkově skate contest! Začínáme v 17:30 Ollie contestem, následovat bude Best trick over bike.
V soutěžích můžete vyhrát více než 3 000 Kč.
Akci sponzorují Tulipskate , Loukoum Skateboards & Life Is Ours – Gallery.
Po skončení contestu vás zveme na výstavu ULICE, která se celá točí kolem skateboardingu. Svoje výtvory představí 7 různých umělců. Vidíme se tam?

Vítkov : Skateboard Contest 17:30–19:00

Výstava ULICE / Skateboarding Exhibition / Vernisáž v Life Is Ours – Gallery 19:00–22:30

BLKOUT / After-Party#03 (Secret Place) – 22:00–08:00

Těšíme se !

Julian Furones / Vernissage

About Triangle Walks by Julian Furones / Vernisáž by Julian Furones ! Amazing photographies, amazing people & great vibes ! Thank you to @julian_furones for coming especially from Hamburg to present his work & Carhartt Work In Progress for the support, to Sebish S-bish for the good music & Mike Ellis for helping us with his speaker, Jan Kovy from Polagraph for the good pictures, Nikita Polyakov for filming the night, Klez Zelk for helping with the organization & all of you that came to support Life Is Ours – Gallery ! #love

More pictures & the video from the vernissage is coming soon.. Limited prints from the exhibition are available to sell at the gallery for 40€ / 1000 Czk ! Your interested ? Contact-us !

#julianfurones #carharttwip #lifeisours

Daria Alexandrova / Vernissage

Exhibition of the artist Daria Alexandrova from Russia on the 13th of April 2018.

Project “Self documentary” – it’s an attempt to accept the principles of documental photography using the method of visual diary.
Classical documentary assumes that the photographer’s vision is directed to the outside. A view, thrown through the camera – to the world.
While the diary uses certain specularity, it returns the focus back to the author himself. Paradoxically, it is the diary that allows the photographer
to realise the concept of documentary, by working with the dualism «inside-outside».

It is of fundamental importance to distinguish the concepts of observation and admiration. For the «Self Documentary» the procedural is the figure
of observation, tracking. The technique of observation implies a great distance, but it is this distance that allows the viewer to get closer to
the essence of the image. Whereas in “glossy”, “gaming” photography, “admiration” is used, that is, a way of looking in which the viewer is
manipulated by the material and as if dictating to him the effect that the image should have.

On the contrary, the documentary frame, stripped from directive, stubbornly keeps silent to the viewer about his emotional background.
The documentary frame offers the spectator complicity. And, hence, the project leaves the freedom of choice – how to see the image,
how to recognise it, how to perceive it.

The project “Self Documentary” proves that the documentary photographer is primarily due to the need to document itself, its internal dynamics.
Only the practice of constant and close monitoring of the intimate, personal – can sharpen the perception, make your own vision sufficiently sensitive
and accurate, so that it can be applied to the outside world, to external narratives.

This exposure shows us the angle of view, the range in which Daria Alexandrova works. Mental optics, through which the author sees and observes.
Exposure of the body and exposure of the texture. Revealing naked body not for admiration, but for destruction.
The body of the photographer is presented as a tabula rasa. And then, somehow, the empty screen of the cinema rhymes with a naked body.
Naked texture in the body of the diary, as a way to reflect personal experience in self documentation and in the surrounding reality.

Pictures by De Veyrinas Photography

Chloe Byrnes / Vernissage

Exhibition about the artist Chloe Byrnes from Russia on the 10th of March 2018.

About the artist :

My name is Chloe Byrnes, I was painting for like all my life but I quit art school after one month or so because I hated drawing boring stuff and human bodies. I was always happy to do any kind of art stuff for school and work. For some years i was mostly focused on designing clothes or writing.
Painting was always not more than a hobby. but a loved one..

I paint mixing acrylic, gouache paints & duck tape sometimes. I never use brushes. I use different stuff I find at home, mostly in kitchen like sushi sticks, plastic forks, water bottles. Anything that is going to be thrown away but isn’t sticky. Only black and white colors ? No reason, I just like them and feel it’s enough..

Link to the event : Chloe Byrnes / Vernissage

Pictures by De Veyrinas Photography

Ivan Svatoš / Vernissage

Exhibition of the artist Ivan Svatoš from Czech Republic on the 26th of January 2018.

About the artist :

Ivan is a 30 year old photographer from a small city on the west of Bohemia
called Klečí pod Čerchovem. Since 2008 he has lived in Prague, the place which gave him the inspiration to use his talent.

Ivan’s photographic artwork has a sense of detail, usually, he takes pictures during his walks in the city and wondering around nature and landscapes. His attentive eyes taking the original and best of situations in the space and at the same time his own imagination. In this case, we can see symbolism of many factors which graduate in what he visualizes but also in a very mature artwork.

Photographs are usually black and white which give a minimalistic expression to his own artwork. The main role in Ivan’s work is symbolism; we can see this in human, fauna or floral motives or just in the game of light and shadows he creates.Ivan makes his photos look like a solitaire picture, which is undoubtedly part of a maturing collection of photographs taken over years of artwork process.
Photography for Ivan is a means of expression and a way to make his own visions reality.

Link to the event : Ivan Svatoš / Vernissage

Pictures by De Veyrinas Photography


Mathieu Piranda / Vernissage

Exhibition of the artist Mathieu Piranda from France on the 18th of November 2017.

About the exhibition :

Double​ ​Contemplation

Analog photographs of women portraits interlaced with nature and architecture using the multiple exposure process : first, film is exposed with interior portraits ; then, film is rewound ; finally exteriors scenes are shot on the same film. The superimposition of this two exposures creates oneiric and surprising pictures. Textures and geometries emerge of the darkest parts of​ ​women​ ​portraits​ ​until​ ​it​ ​fade​ ​to​ ​the​ ​brightest​ ​parts.

Mathieu​ ​Piranda​ ​-​ ​2017

Landscapes​ ​of​ ​Rorschach

Landscapes are a geometrical representation of nature. Behind the apparent chaos of trees, forests, rocks, and mountains, there is an accurate organization. The existing geometry is pushed to its paroxysm by applying digitally a perfect axial symmetry. This project is inspired by the Rorschach test in which subjects describe their perception of symmetrical inkblots. These are not just photographs, and you are not just a spectator : what do you see in these abstract​ ​patterns​ ​and​ ​shapes​ ​?​ ​And​ ​what​ ​could​ ​it​ ​means​ ​about​ ​you​ ​?

Mathieu​ ​Piranda​ ​-​ ​2015

More about this serie with this article on VICE

Link to the event : Mathieu Piranda / Vernissage 

After-party at Klub Famu : Event

RBDP – The other planet (Fr)

Alan WoodPB Studio 16 (Cz)

& BarboraTetris (Cz)

Marie-Pier Meilleur / Vernissage

Exhibition of the artist Marie-Pier Meilleur from Canada on the 5th of October 2017.

About the artist :

Marie-Pier’s work draws us into a universe engraved by a powerful aesthetic that may disturb. It highlights the complex relationship that we maintain with the photography. Voyeurism, abundance and intrusion enter in an interesting relationship when an individual and a picture meet in a room. In the same exhibition, we have the possibility to encounter proximity and distance with each photograph.

Coloured by the assumed absence of social, temporal and geographical markers, the pictures invite us to observe intimacy and isolation through her photographic eye. The black and white backgrounds become a perception playground for our own creativity. She participates in the disintegration of her own work by letting some specific photographs on the ground where she presents her work. In the absence of a notice from the artist, individuals are free to be part of the process or not. After being damaged, some photographs are digitized and printed again until the total destruction of the image. This approach invites a criticism of the photographic appreciation

Link to the event : Marie-Pier Meilleur / Vernissage

Pictures by De Veyrinas Photography