Jonny Ritcher and The Hog Ranch & Derral Gleason

We are inviting Jonny Richter and the Hog Ranch & Derral Gleason Music for their last concert in Czech Republic ! In the same time, it will be your last chance to see the exhibition ULICE / Skateboarding Exhibition / Vernisáž !

The show will start at 7pm until 10pm.

Looking forward to see you at Life Is Ours – Gallery !

Entrance : 50CZK with a Free beer

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Klez’s week / Photography

Klez’s week : From today until Sunday we will share one beautiful picture from our friend Klez Brandar on our facebook page !

About the artist :

Born in the same city as the creator of the traveler, Phileas Fogg, Klez Brandar has not been around the world in 80 days like Passepartout and his boss. However, he is also a traveler and after spending the first twenty years of his life in France, he then lived in South America, New Zealand, Italy and Spain and has most recently, and perhaps finally, decided to reside here in the Czech Republic. As a teenager, he spent his free time with his skateboard in one hand and his analog camera in the other. He focused mostly on street photography using black and white film. When digital cameras took off in the 2000s, he stopped practising this skillful analog art and sulked his way through the next decade or so, bemoaning technology’s new intruder in the world of photography. But after many years, without framing, composing and working with the light, he decided to start again with a digital camera. After returning to the street, he created Stalabarn Fanzin in 2013 and found that that was a perfect way to get back into creative photography. In 2014 he exhibited his pictures at Modo Art Gallery in Buenos Aires. Klez Brandar recorded a studio album in 2014 called Solitania. This concept album is a mix of folk and world music, sung in English, Spanish, French, Greek, Breton and Portuguese. A year later, in 2015, he held two exhibitions in Rennes (France) where he was living at the time. Since moving to Prague, he has exhibited his work on many different occasions (Brix, Kavárna Park, žižkovšiška,..). His work includes street photography, nudes, portraits and some abstract works. In the future he wishes to go back to the past so he recently acquired an old film camera from the 70s. Less is best !

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New exhibition / ULICE, Skateboarding Exhibition / Vernissage

ULICE is the first exhibition festival about skateboarding in Prague organised by Life Is Ours – Gallery on the 9th of June 2018. We invited 7 artists, all passionate about skateboarding to present their own artworks in the gallery.

The vernissage will start at 6pm and finish around 10pm. Free pizza & Sangria for everyone.

Live concert : Janny Richter and the Hog Ranch
HOG RANCH is a Blues / Garage / Gospel one-man-band from Holcomb. He’s the Hog’s son of a Hog’s son, and perform fiery country-punk gospel interpretations of pre-war delta blues.

After-Party : Informations coming soon !

About the different artists :

Sourya Panday (Drawing) from Paris, France.

IG :

Julien Deniau (Painting) from Barcelona, Spain.

IG :

David Suchar (Photograhy & video) from Prešov, Slovakia.

IG :

Daniel Flusser (Photography) from Strasbourg, France.

IG :

Juan Pablo Labbé (Drawing) from Osorno ,Chile.

IG :

Anna Jedličková (Painting) from Prague, Czech Republic.

IG :

Klez Brandar (Photography) from Brittany, France.

IG :

From today we will share every week a little biography about each of the artists with some pictures of their artworks.

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Laëtitia’s week / Photography

Laëtitia’s week : From today until Sunday we will share one beautiful picture from our friend Laëtitia Deleuze on our facebook page !

About the artist :

« Laëtitia Deleuze is a French film photographer born in Marseille and living in Brooklyn. After studying literature and contemporary dance, she has been a French teacher in in her city, Marseille. She is currently doing her PhD in literature and explores the streets and places of New York.
Her photographic work is closely linked and inspires her researches in literature. With the analog medium, she highlights the relationships between memory, wandering and the photographic trace through spaces that we inhabit or walk through, places and displacements.
Like dance and writing, photography is another language that allow her to express herself and resonate to the everyday life.»

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New exhibition / Jelena Volkov & Jérôme Wehrlé

We are really proud to announce you a new exhibition at Life Is Ours – Gallery on the 6th of July by the artists Jelena Volkov & Jérôme Wehrlé from Strasbourg, France ! An exhibition full of contrasts between their photographic works and the very personal project 708 :

You can help them to #finance the exhibition clicking on this link :…

Click on the Event : Jelena Volkov X Jérôme Wehrlé / Vernisáž

Cassidy’s week / Photography

Cassidy’s week : From today until Sunday we will share one beautiful pictures a day from our friend Cassidy Schoeffel on our facebook page !

About the artist Cassidy S Photographie :

« Son of a french school teacher and a South African mother, Cassidy explored the streets of Johannesburg, Strasbourg and now Paris. His pictures allow the viewer to understand the environment he evolves in as well as his influences. He started working for a couple of studios in South Africa, but when he arrived in France in 2013, he had to start building his contacts from scratch, so he started by joining collectives that would organise events around town. That was a blessing in disguise because it allowed him to just be creative without any briefing to hold up to, and to focus on the side of photography that really drives him : documentary. “The purest form of photography is the one that captures life, in an honest and spontaneous way. I think. »

Next Exhibition / Triangle Walks by Julian Furones

We are really proud to announce you a new exhibition about the artwork of Julian Furones from Spain, on Friday 11th of May 2018 in collaboration with Carhartt Work In Progress. Beautiful pictures & a nice glass of wine for everyone ! Looking forward to see you there !

About the artist :

« Julian Furones was born in Leon, Spain. Julian left his parental home at a young age to move alone to Barcelona. After working in different little jobs he became a professional skateboarder and traveled around the world for a decade. Julian has been taking photos since he was a kid, always moving from one place to an other to keep some memories.

Three years ago, Julian finally turned his back to his skateboarding career and moved to Hamburg carrying his camera where ever he goes. His pictures are a floating impressions of subjects and documenting the everyday life and in the same time his private life. Most of this series of photos have been taken in the last seven years and have been processed by himself.

…welcome to the unexpected ! »

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