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Cassidy’s week / Photography

Cassidy’s week : From today until Sunday we will share one beautiful pictures a day from our friend Cassidy Schoeffel on our facebook page !

About the artist Cassidy S Photographie :

« Son of a french school teacher and a South African mother, Cassidy explored the streets of Johannesburg, Strasbourg and now Paris. His pictures allow the viewer to understand the environment he evolves in as well as his influences. He started working for a couple of studios in South Africa, but when he arrived in France in 2013, he had to start building his contacts from scratch, so he started by joining collectives that would organise events around town. That was a blessing in disguise because it allowed him to just be creative without any briefing to hold up to, and to focus on the side of photography that really drives him : documentary. “The purest form of photography is the one that captures life, in an honest and spontaneous way. I think. »

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Next Exhibition / Triangle Walks by Julian Furones

We are really proud to announce you a new exhibition about the artwork of Julian Furones from Spain, on Friday 11th of May 2018 in collaboration with Carhartt Work In Progress. Beautiful pictures & a nice glass of wine for everyone ! Looking forward to see you there !

About the artist :

« Julian Furones was born in Leon, Spain. Julian left his parental home at a young age to move alone to Barcelona. After working in different little jobs he became a professional skateboarder and traveled around the world for a decade. Julian has been taking photos since he was a kid, always moving from one place to an other to keep some memories.

Three years ago, Julian finally turned his back to his skateboarding career and moved to Hamburg carrying his camera where ever he goes. His pictures are a floating impressions of subjects and documenting the everyday life and in the same time his private life. Most of this series of photos have been taken in the last seven years and have been processed by himself.

…welcome to the unexpected ! »

You can already discover his artwork on #instagram :

You want to know more about Julian ? You can read this good article :

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