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Chloe Byrnes / Vernissage

Exhibition about the artist Chloe Byrnes from Russia on the 10th of March 2018.

About the artist :

My name is Chloe Byrnes, I was painting for like all my life but I quit art school after one month or so because I hated drawing boring stuff and human bodies. I was always happy to do any kind of art stuff for school and work. For some years i was mostly focused on designing clothes or writing.
Painting was always not more than a hobby. but a loved one..

I paint mixing acrylic, gouache paints & duck tape sometimes. I never use brushes. I use different stuff I find at home, mostly in kitchen like sushi sticks, plastic forks, water bottles. Anything that is going to be thrown away but isn’t sticky. Only black and white colors ? No reason, I just like them and feel it’s enough..

Link to the event : Chloe Byrnes / Vernissage

Pictures by De Veyrinas Photography

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