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Daria Alexandrova / Vernissage

Exhibition of the artist Daria Alexandrova from Russia on the 13th of April 2018.

Project “Self documentary” – it’s an attempt to accept the principles of documental photography using the method of visual diary.
Classical documentary assumes that the photographer’s vision is directed to the outside. A view, thrown through the camera – to the world.
While the diary uses certain specularity, it returns the focus back to the author himself. Paradoxically, it is the diary that allows the photographer
to realise the concept of documentary, by working with the dualism «inside-outside».

It is of fundamental importance to distinguish the concepts of observation and admiration. For the «Self Documentary» the procedural is the figure
of observation, tracking. The technique of observation implies a great distance, but it is this distance that allows the viewer to get closer to
the essence of the image. Whereas in “glossy”, “gaming” photography, “admiration” is used, that is, a way of looking in which the viewer is
manipulated by the material and as if dictating to him the effect that the image should have.

On the contrary, the documentary frame, stripped from directive, stubbornly keeps silent to the viewer about his emotional background.
The documentary frame offers the spectator complicity. And, hence, the project leaves the freedom of choice – how to see the image,
how to recognise it, how to perceive it.

The project “Self Documentary” proves that the documentary photographer is primarily due to the need to document itself, its internal dynamics.
Only the practice of constant and close monitoring of the intimate, personal – can sharpen the perception, make your own vision sufficiently sensitive
and accurate, so that it can be applied to the outside world, to external narratives.

This exposure shows us the angle of view, the range in which Daria Alexandrova works. Mental optics, through which the author sees and observes.
Exposure of the body and exposure of the texture. Revealing naked body not for admiration, but for destruction.
The body of the photographer is presented as a tabula rasa. And then, somehow, the empty screen of the cinema rhymes with a naked body.
Naked texture in the body of the diary, as a way to reflect personal experience in self documentation and in the surrounding reality.

Pictures by De Veyrinas Photography

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