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Ivan Svatoš / Vernissage

Exhibition of the artist Ivan Svatoš from Czech Republic on the 26th of January 2018.

About the artist :

Ivan is a 30 year old photographer from a small city on the west of Bohemia
called Klečí pod Čerchovem. Since 2008 he has lived in Prague, the place which gave him the inspiration to use his talent.

Ivan’s photographic artwork has a sense of detail, usually, he takes pictures during his walks in the city and wondering around nature and landscapes. His attentive eyes taking the original and best of situations in the space and at the same time his own imagination. In this case, we can see symbolism of many factors which graduate in what he visualizes but also in a very mature artwork.

Photographs are usually black and white which give a minimalistic expression to his own artwork. The main role in Ivan’s work is symbolism; we can see this in human, fauna or floral motives or just in the game of light and shadows he creates.Ivan makes his photos look like a solitaire picture, which is undoubtedly part of a maturing collection of photographs taken over years of artwork process.
Photography for Ivan is a means of expression and a way to make his own visions reality.

Link to the event : Ivan Svatoš / Vernissage

Pictures by De Veyrinas Photography


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