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Klez’s week / Photography

Klez’s week : From today until Sunday we will share one beautiful picture from our friend Klez Brandar on our facebook page !

About the artist :

Born in the same city as the creator of the traveler, Phileas Fogg, Klez Brandar has not been around the world in 80 days like Passepartout and his boss. However, he is also a traveler and after spending the first twenty years of his life in France, he then lived in South America, New Zealand, Italy and Spain and has most recently, and perhaps finally, decided to reside here in the Czech Republic. As a teenager, he spent his free time with his skateboard in one hand and his analog camera in the other. He focused mostly on street photography using black and white film. When digital cameras took off in the 2000s, he stopped practising this skillful analog art and sulked his way through the next decade or so, bemoaning technology’s new intruder in the world of photography. But after many years, without framing, composing and working with the light, he decided to start again with a digital camera. After returning to the street, he created Stalabarn Fanzin in 2013 and found that that was a perfect way to get back into creative photography. In 2014 he exhibited his pictures at Modo Art Gallery in Buenos Aires. Klez Brandar recorded a studio album in 2014 called Solitania. This concept album is a mix of folk and world music, sung in English, Spanish, French, Greek, Breton and Portuguese. A year later, in 2015, he held two exhibitions in Rennes (France) where he was living at the time. Since moving to Prague, he has exhibited his work on many different occasions (Brix, Kavárna Park, žižkovšiška,..). His work includes street photography, nudes, portraits and some abstract works. In the future he wishes to go back to the past so he recently acquired an old film camera from the 70s. Less is best !

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