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Laëtitia’s week / Photography

Laëtitia’s week : From today until Sunday we will share one beautiful picture from our friend Laëtitia Deleuze on our facebook page !

About the artist :

« Laëtitia Deleuze is a French film photographer born in Marseille and living in Brooklyn. After studying literature and contemporary dance, she has been a French teacher in in her city, Marseille. She is currently doing her PhD in literature and explores the streets and places of New York.
Her photographic work is closely linked and inspires her researches in literature. With the analog medium, she highlights the relationships between memory, wandering and the photographic trace through spaces that we inhabit or walk through, places and displacements.
Like dance and writing, photography is another language that allow her to express herself and resonate to the everyday life.»

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