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Marie Duclos

Born in 1991 in Tarbes, a small town in the south west of France, Marie decided to study Cultural Industries at the Rocailles School (Biarritz, Aquitaine). Then, she pursued a Master in Design & Space at ESAAA (Annecy, Rhône-Alpes). After, she decided to move to Prague, for her interest for its culture, architecture, mysteries and anecdotes, that built this city. She continues her favorite artistic practice, drawing. Her work is to transcribe moments of intimate discussion with strangers, but also to relate the body and the cosmic. A discussion with a stranger becomes a story to tell. A need to transcend the banality of a meeting, as well as give one voice and importance to the other. Listen and observe. Influenced by anatomical charts and cosmic images, she interprets with this imagery a life around us and in us.

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