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Marie-Pier Meilleur / Vernissage

Exhibition of the artist Marie-Pier Meilleur from Canada on the 5th of October 2017.

About the artist :

Marie-Pier’s work draws us into a universe engraved by a powerful aesthetic that may disturb. It highlights the complex relationship that we maintain with the photography. Voyeurism, abundance and intrusion enter in an interesting relationship when an individual and a picture meet in a room. In the same exhibition, we have the possibility to encounter proximity and distance with each photograph.

Coloured by the assumed absence of social, temporal and geographical markers, the pictures invite us to observe intimacy and isolation through her photographic eye. The black and white backgrounds become a perception playground for our own creativity. She participates in the disintegration of her own work by letting some specific photographs on the ground where she presents her work. In the absence of a notice from the artist, individuals are free to be part of the process or not. After being damaged, some photographs are digitized and printed again until the total destruction of the image. This approach invites a criticism of the photographic appreciation

Link to the event : Marie-Pier Meilleur / Vernissage

Pictures by De Veyrinas Photography

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