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Tabata Roja x Nhudes Magazine / Vernisáž

For the third exhibition of the new season, Life Is Ours – Gallery in collaboration with @nhudemagazine present you, on the 9th of November the photographer artist Tabata Roja from Mexico.

The vernissage will start at 8pm and finish around 10pm. We will welcome you with a glass of wine and delicious vegetarian food from Koncept 0.

About Tabata :

My name is Tabata Roja, I’m a photography student, I’m twenty-three years old and I live in Mexico City.
I started being a self-taught photographer and about three years ago I started with formal studies on chemical photography.
All of my work is film; in my stock there are always Ilford Hp5, Holga, Kodak and recently lomography. I am crazy about the idea of how the emulsion will react to certain conditions of light and processes of development. I can spend hours in a dark room.
For a little over a year and a half, my work has focused on eroticism and nudism, because these are issues that have disturbed me since I can remember.
Since young I had a very large fixation for this two subjects, but it was not until relatively recently that I took my camera and began to explore them through it. I realized that eroticism, nudism and women have always been seen from a male point of view.
These photos are for me a search.
A search for an eroticism from the point of view of a woman, the beauty of the naked body and the most important; Understand me and find me in each of my photographs. I seek the resignification of the naked body and the woman. A definitive rupture with the idea that the naked body always has a sexual implication and reconciliation with human forms in their most natural state.
During most of last year I concentrated on trying to emulate old photographs and paintings, but in the last months without realizing it, I began to change the way I see things through the camera and to experiment with frames, processes of development and the way that took a photo, approaching one more step to the search of my own aesthetic.
I have recently begun to explore these issues without limiting myself to third parties, making self-portraits, in order to understand these issues in a much more intimate way and to discover myself in them.

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